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T H I S A G R E E M E N T is dated [                                                                       ]   and is made between:

1.     The Landlord: BUCKINGHAM PROPERTIES of 101 Coventry Road, Coleshill, Warwickshire, B46 3EX


2.     The Tenant:


IT IS A G R E E D as follows:-

Property let and rent payable

1.1     The Landlord lets to the Tenant the house and garden known as [                                                                    ]("the Premises") from [                              ] until brought to an end in accordance with clause 4 ("the Term")

1.2     There are also included in the letting the fixtures and fittings as set out on the attached Schedule I and which are now in the Premises ("the Fixtures and Fittings")

1.3.     The Tenant shall pay rent to the Landlord for the Premises at the rate of          per calendar month from [                 ]. The rent shall be payable in advance on the first day of every month.

1.4     The Tenant shall pay to the Landlord upon signing this agreement the sum of         by way of security deposit. It is agreed between the parties that the security deposit may be used by the Landlord to offset any arrears of rent or other sums due under this agreement or the cost of any repair, replacement, cleaning, maintenance or decoration for which the Tenant is liable under this agreement. The security deposit will be returned to the Tenant after the coming to an end of this tenancy less any amounts due to the Landlord from the Tenant.

Tenant's obligations


2.1.     To pay the rents as provided in clause 1 of this agreement

2.2.1     To pay the Council Tax levied on the Premises and the charges for all services supplied to the Premises during the tenancy (and in particular for gas electricity drainage and water) and all telephone charges and all rent in respect of the telephone (if any) during the tenancy (any standing charge or rental for any of these services for a period partly during and partly before or after the tenancy being apportioned between the Landlord and the Tenant)

2.2.2     Not to change either the telephone number or the telephone service provider at the Premises without the Landlord's prior written consent

2.3.1     To take care of the Premises and the Fixtures and Fittings and not to cause any damage or allow any damage to be done to them and to make good and pay for any damage to the Premises or the Fixtures and Fittings (including accidental damage) caused by any act or neglect on the part of the Tenant the Tenant's employees or licensees.

2.3.2     To keep the waste pipes serving the Premises clear from obstruction, to replace any broken glass in the windows and replace any electric light bulbs which fail during the tenancy

2.3.3     To clean or arrange to be cleaned all windows in the Premises at least once in every four weeks and in the final week of the tenancy

2.4.     To keep the Fixtures and Fittings in good repair and not to remove any of the Fixtures and Fittings from the Premises and to replace with articles of at least equal value any items of the Fixtures or Fittings which are removed lost or destroyed or damaged so as to be incapable of being restored to their former condition

2.5     In the event of infectious illness which may require notification to any authority occurring on the Premises, to disinfect and redecorate all parts of the Premises which are affected and replace any articles which the Tenant cannot disinfect

2.6     To keep any garden forming part of the Premises in a neat and tidy condition and in any event not to a lesser standard than the same is now in

2.7     Not to keep any explosive or particularly inflammable substance in the Premises (such as petrol or paraffin)

2.8.1     At all times to maintain the interior decorative order of the Premises in as good a state of decoration as the same are now in and if by reason of the renewal of this agreement or otherwise the tenancy continues for a period in excess of three years from the date of this agreement the Tenant shall redecorate (where applicable) at least once in every three years the whole of the interior of the Premises to the reasonable satisfaction of the Landlord

2.8.2     Not to use nails, sellotape, drawing pins, blue-tac or similar items to attach articles to the walls or furniture in the Premises

2.9     To use the Premises solely as a private residence and not to be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Landlord or the occupiers of any neighbouring properties

2.10     To permit the Landlord and its duly authorised agents at all reasonable times to enter the Premises for the purpose of examining their state and condition and that of the Landlord's fixtures and fittings

2.11.1     Not to keep in the Premises any pet unless express permission in writing of the Landlord is first obtained and such permission if given may be withdrawn by the Landlord on giving to the Tenant one month's notice in writing.

2.11.2     Notwithstanding clause 2.11.1, the Tenant must not keep any dog or cat in the Premises

2.12     Not to change the locks to any of the doors of the Premises nor to add any locks nor to make duplicate keys

2.13     Not to assign the benefit of this agreement or sublet or part with or share the possession of the Premises or any part of the Premises

2.14     Not to alter, add to or in any way interfere with the construction of the Premises

2.15     Not make any change in the supplier of or meter for any mains service without the prior written consent of the Landlord

2.16     To forward all correspondence addressed to the Landlord and all notices, orders or proposals relating to the Premises to the Landlord immediately upon receipt

2.17     Not to have any aerial or satellite dish installed or moved without the written consent of the Landlord

2.18.1     Throughout the tenancy to keep the contents insured in their full replacement value and upon request to produce evidence of that insurance to the Landlord, including evidence of payment of the premium for the current period.

2.18.2     To notify the Landlord immediately after any event which damages the Premises or which may give rise to a claim under the insurance of the Premises

2.19     Within the last 60 days of the tenancy to allow the Landlord or its agent at reasonable hours to enter and view the Premises with prospective tenants or purchasers, the Tenant first having received reasonable notice from the Landlord

2.20     On the termination of the tenancy to deliver up the Premises and the Fixtures and Fittings to the Landlord in a condition which is in accordance with the Tenants' obligations under this agreement.

Landlord's obligations

3.     The Landlord agrees with the Tenant as follows:-

3.1.     Except as otherwise provided by this agreement to maintain the exterior and structure of the Premises in tenantable repair and condition

3.2     The Tenant paying the rent hereby reserved and performing and observing the several covenants unexpired and the conditions herein contained shall peaceably hold and enjoy the Premises during the Term without any interruption by the Landlord or any person rightfully claiming under or in trust for it


4.1     If the rent or any instalment or part thereof is in arrear for at least 14 days after having become due (whether legally demanded or not) or if there shall be a breach of any of the agreements by the Tenant the Landlord may re-enter on the Property and thereupon the tenancy shall determine without prejudice to the other rights and remedies of the Landlord;

4.2     The Tenancy may be terminated by either party on giving not less than 2 months' notice expiring not earlier than 6 months from the commencement of this tenancy

Joint and several liability

5.     Where the Tenant consists of more than one person, then those persons' obligations under this agreement are joint and several

Property left at the Premises

6.     It is agreed that if any property is left at the Premises and not claimed by the Tenant within 30 days after the end of the tenancy, the ownership of it will pass to the Landlord who may sell or dispose of it for his own benefit.

Signed on behalf of the Landlord:


Signed by the Tenant: